How to Deposit Money in 1xbet from India?

130% up to 26000 INR
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Highest odds
  • Most payment methods
    18+. The min. required deposit to activate the bonus is 75 INR. Wager 5 times the bonus amount in accumulator bets. Each accumulator bet must contain 3 or more events. At least 3 of the events included in an accumulator must have odds of 1.40 or higher. T&C apply.

    Recent years have seen 1xbet grow into a popular Indian betting platform. There are numerous reasons why Indians have a serious thing for 1xbet including the site’s fantastic selection of casino games and sports betting options. More importantly, however, is the fact that the site makes it really easy for Indian bettors to make payments as well as withdraw them. Lets read more about how to deposit in 1xbet

     1xbet Deposit Review:

    What we LikeWhat we don’t Like
    👍 Low wagering requirements👎 Can feel overwhelming given the numerous betting options
    👍 Players can place wagers via telegram👎 Withdrawals are a bit slow
    👍 Exemplary customer service via phone or chat👎 Complicated site layout
    👍 Numerous deposit options 
    👍 Accepts Indian Rupees 
    👍 Hindi language option 
    👍 Payment via cryptocurrency 

    How to Deposit on 1xbet in India?

    For successful deposits on 1xbet, a user needs to be registered on the platform. For 1xbet registration, the steps are easy and straightforward. After signing up or registering on 1xbet, the step that follows before wagering is funding your 1xbet account.

    To make a deposit, users simply need to log in into their accounts using their new user details then click on the ‘deposit’ icon. As a new user, you will be required to specify whether you want the welcome bonus for the online casino or the sports bonus offer upon making the initial deposit. You will be required to input the promo code for 1xbet. Each player is entitled to only a single welcome bonus, so be sure to select an offer that best suits your betting needs.

    1xbet has tons of easy to use and convenient deposit options, which ensures that players of various walks of life are well taken care of. 1xbet deposit and withdrawal amounts vary per payment option.

    Key points to remember during deposit on 1xbet

    • Players should be aged 18 and above to place successful deposits
    • Valid documentation including user ID, driver’s license or utility bill should be provided to verify the user account before making a minimum deposit on 1xbet
    • There is a welcome bonus on the initial deposit
    • The 1xbet deposit time is instantaneous

    Payment methods such as e wallets (skrill/ Neteller) do not qualify towards the welcome bonus, thus they should be avoided in case a player should wish to benefit from the welcome offer. You need to meet the minimum deposit in 1xbet for you to qualify for the deposit bonus offer.

    How to Deposit Money in 1xbet from India

    What are the 1xbet deposit methods India?

    • UPI
    • PAYTM
    • Google Pay
    • Cryptocurrency
    • VISA/MasterCard
    • E-wallets (Neteller/ Skrill)
    • AstroPay Card
    • Cash on delivery

    Lets red more in details as to How to deposit money on 1xbet from India?


    A 1xbet UPI deposit is one of the most convenient ones for Indian players in terms of safety and speed. UPI is an instantaneous cash transfer service in India that works by way of deducting funds from your e-wallet account or bank and then transferring them directly to the recipient, which in this case is 1xbet in an instant.

    UPI is highly popular in India and it is quickly being accepted by more businesses including wagering platforms. The 1xbet UPI deposit option has gained much popularity on the site given its convenience and ease of use.


    If you happen to be big on PAYTM, you may want to consider it as a deposit option on 1xbet. This method is one of the most widely used and a big option in India. Using PAYTM, you get easy and instantaneous transfers between you as a user and your merchant of choice. PAYTM operates on the UPI infrastructure meaning that players can also send funds using UPI and have the cash deducted from the PAYTM balance. PAYTM has over 300 million users in India.

    1xbet is the only betting platform that accepts 1xbet Paytm deposits in India, and the only thing you need as a player is a Paytm account. Paytm works as a digital wallet to which you need to add funds. To deposit money into your Paytm account, simply click on the ‘Add Money’ icon from the home screen of your phone or desktop, which initiates the transfer. You can fund your wallet via net banking, credit cards, debit cards as well as UPI. Mention the amount of money you’d wish to add, which directs you to a secure webpage from where you can fill in your payment details. As soon as you provide all necessary information the funds are added to your wallet.

    Now that funds have successfully been transferred to your wallet, you can easily fund your 1xbet account. Click on the ‘$’ sign on your 1xbet webpage. This takes you to a payments page which lists all available payment options including E-wallets. Under E-wallets, select Paytm and indicate the amount you would wish to transfer. This redirects you to some other page that asks you to log in to your Paytm account. To confirm your transfer, a confirmation message is sent by the provider to prompt you into doing so. Once you authorize the transfer, the money is directly credited to your 1xbet account and you can start placing bets. Paytm has proved to be reliable and highly convenient by millions of users in the country, especially when it comes to 1xbet deposits.


    If you happen to be a youngie, you must have heard about PhonePe, a fast-growing digital payment firm in India. This mobile app is highly popular in the country, especially among young players, enabling them to make instantaneous transfers between users. Working on the UPI network, it enables users to transfer funds between merchants and apps connected to the UPI. 1xbet accepts PhonePe payments and it is really simple to make a deposit. You only need to log in into your user account and click on the deposit icon. This takes you to a new window that displays 1xbet’s transfer details. You can then use the transfer details for making the deposit before typing in the requested information including your full name, phone number as well as transaction ID. As soon as your transfer is approved, 1xbet credits the deposited amount to your user betting account, which only takes a moment.

    Google Pay

    Google Pay is proving to be a highly trusted and reliable online payment option in India. It works just like numerous other payment service companies; you can receive and send cash in an instant between businesses and peers. Not only is it accepted by 1xbet, but also on tons of other betting platforms.

    To get started, log in to your user account page and select Google Pay from the deposits page. This opens up a new window that shows the 1xbet Google Pay transfer details. The address provided is the one to which you must make your deposit transfer. Once this is done, you simply need to provide your full name, Google Pay linked phone number, valid email address as well as transaction ID.

    It only takes 3 hours for your 1xbet account to be credited, and the funds will reflect in your account in a few minutes.


    With Cryptocurrency, you get to make cheap and fast deposits with complete anonymity. With Ixbet, you get to take advantage of this as a reliable payment option. In India, cryptocurrency is experiencing an upsurge as a payment option. With more people using the method, rapid growth is being experienced with cryptocurrency as a viable option, even with betting sites such as 1xbet.

    The most common type of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. However, 1xbet minimum deposit and withdrawal accepts a total of over 20 different cryptocurrencies.

    E-Wallets (SKRILL & NETELLER)

    Skrill and Neteller are popular globally and they are accepted by pretty much all betting platforms. Their operations are nearly 100 percent identical seeing as they are owned by Paysafe Group, which is the same parent company. The two payment methods are regulated and managed by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK based), which makes them highly secure as money transfer service providers.

    Making transfers using Skrill or Neteller is instantaneous and the funds are made available to your 1xbet account immediately the transaction is approved. The only thing with these payment options is the fact that they come attached to quite some high fees as compared to other deposit options. They both have a deposit fee to the tune of 2.5%, which means each time you make a transaction via Neteller or Skrill, 2.5% will get deducted. There is also a 1.45% charge when you fund your 1xbet account using these methods, so you need 1.45% extra on top of your deposit.

    💳Online Bank Transfer

    One of the ways on how to deposit on 1xbet in India is by online bank transfer. While some people find online bank transfers complicated and rather slow, 1xbet ensures that your transactions are fast and simple. You only need to make your transfer to the platform them upload the proof of payment. As soon as this is approved, 1xbet credits the funds to your wagering account. It only takes a few moments for the cash to reflect.

    1xBet makes it possible for Indian players to deposit by making an online bank transfer. If you happen to be one of those Indians that are big on online bank transfers, then this is a viable option for you.

    💵Cash On Delivery

    Cash on Delivery is only offered by 1xbet in India as a viable deposit option. This unique service allows players to contact 1xbet directly and have a deposit agent meet them for them to make the transaction in person. This is a great option for bettors who do not have E-wallets or a bank account at their disposal. The only downside to this payment option is that it is only available in some major cities in India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and a few others.

    While 1xbet accepts tons of deposit methods, not all are equally good. This is because some are extremely expensive, some don’t accept Indian Rupees, and some simply do not work in India. Below is a list of some 1xbet deposit methods s we don’t recommend players using:

    • MuchBetter
    • Visa/MasterCard
    • WebMoney
    • EcoPayz
    • Payeer
    • EcoBanq

    If you are not so sure what option you should go for, try UPI deposits to avoid 1xbet deposit problems in India. This method is a favorite among many bettors and it can be used by pretty much anyone.

    1xbet Deposit Bonus

    The exclusive 1xbet bonus offer for new Indian players is a 130% matchup on the initial deposit made up to INR 26,000. After account registration, indicate that you would like the welcome bonus then proceed to fund your account.

    Cryptocurrencies and E-wallets are disabled for the offer. Be sure to use the bonus code VIPOFFER to activate the bonus.

    The bonus offer is split into 2 equal parts for 1xGames and sports betting. For sports wagering, players should wager 5 times in accumulator bets. Each accumulator bet should have 3 or more events, with each event having a minimum odd of at least 1.40. This welcome bonus offer has 30 days until expiry; you should have fulfilled all wagering requirements and see to it that all the bets are cleared.

    Here is how to claim your bonus offer:

    • Visit the official 1xbet website and register for a user account
    • Provide all required information including full name, physical address, valid email address, date of birth, etc.
    • Enter the 1xbet promo code VIPOFFER
    • Confirm your user registration by verifying the email sent by the bookmarker
    • Claim the welcome bonus offer

    1xbet minimum deposit and withdrawal amount

    All deposit 1xbet methods are simple and convenient to use with the minimum deposit amount being INR 75. Bank cards are seemingly preferable given the fact that they are familiar and quite easy to use. At 1xbet, you get to use cards from leading brands- MasterCard and Visa to fund your account as well as withdraw winnings. The least amount you can deposit via this method is INR 75 (1 $). There are no maximum limits to adhere to.

    The only thing you need to confirm is the limit issued by the card provider as well as service charges as they vary from bank to bank. While deposits reflect instantaneously, withdrawals are processed in 7 working days.

    How to deposit money in 1xbet from India FAQs

    How to add money on my 1xbet account?

    You simply need to create a user account successfully, log in, click on the deposit icon, then choose your most preferred mode of payment.

    Does 1xbet accept deposits from bank in India?

    Yes it does. 1xbet allows for online bank transfers and it is widely used in India.

    What is the safest method to deposit with 1xbet?

    Try UPI deposits to avoid any 1xbet deposit problems in India. This method is highly favorable among many Indian bettors especially since it can be used by nearly everybody.

    How do I deposit money and withdraw from 1xBet?

    You need to create a user account with 1xbetthen login. To make a deposit, select the deposit option and choose the deposit mode that works best for you. To make a withdrawal, select the withdrawal option then choose a withdrawal option that best suits you and wait for the request to be processed.

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