What Is W1 and W2 1xBet?

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    These terms are often used in cricket betting markets. In this article, we explain them what does w1 and w2 mean in 1xbet so that punters who wish to grab the 1xBet promo code offer can easily understand them.

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    What Is W1 and W2 in 1xBet Cricket in India?

    In 1xBet W1 W2 means bets made by punters based on who they predict will win an ongoing game.

    In limited over cricket, the term W1 is written under one side and W2 written under the other. (Thus, the meaning of W1 in 1xBet is team one.) Users of 1xBet India can either wager on W1 to emerge winners or W2 to beat W1. A third outcome is usually not considered.

    Let’s consider a 1xBet IPL bet. For instance, in the Gujarat vs Rajasthan IPL 2022 final, you could have bet on W1 (Gujarat) to win, or on W2 (Rajasthan) to emerge victorious. A ‘no result’ option would not be considered as a tie would result in a super over to decide a winner.

    In test cricket, a third outcome – a draw – is denoted by using the symbol ‘X.’ So, apart from W1 W2 in 1xBet, punters can bet on X, indicating that they predict a draw.

    For instance, in a recent test match between Bangladesh and India at Mirpur, you could have bet on W1 (Bangladesh) or W2 (India) to win. You could also have bet on X (draw) indicating a prediction that the match will end without a winner.

    What Is W1 and W2 in 1xBet Football?

    If you are wondering what is W1 meaning in result and W2 in betting when it comes to football, we will explain it straight away.

    What is W1 in betting means? In 1xBet football betting terms, W1 stands for the home team. Then what is w2 in 1xbet? The meaning of W2 in 1xBet is considered as the away side, while X represents a draw.

    Supposing you bet on 1X, you are predicting that the home side will win or the match will end in a draw. X2 indicates that the match will end in a draw or the away side will win.

    This is also known as a “Double Chance” market within the market. For instance, Manchester United and Manchester City are meeting in an EPL game. In this instance, 1X indicates Manchester United to win or draw. In other words, you are backing United on the Double Chance.

    Similarly, X2 indicates the City to win or draw. In other words, you are backing the Citizens on the Double Chance. You can also view 1X as laying the away side (CIty) and X2 as laying the home side (United).

    What Is W1 and W2 1xBet

    What Does 1×2 W2 Mean?

    We have already seen that 1X2 refers to three possible outcomes of 1xbet cricket or sporting event. While 1 refers to contestant one (the home team), 2 refers to contestant two (the away team), and X refers to the draw (no result).

    W2 refers to the second half of the match. Thus, the 1×2 w2 meaning is clear: this is a 1X2 bet on the outcome in the second half of a match.

    How to Calculate Payout for a Back Bet on 1×2 Market?

    Calculating the payout for the back bet involves two steps.

    Stage 1: Calculating the payout without the commission.

    The calculation will be as follows: Stake X odds = INR return.

    Consider the World Cup group match between England and Iran. You backed England – with a stake of ₹500 – to win at quoted odds of 1.80.

    So, in the above example: ₹500 x 1.80 = ₹900. England won the game. So your bet would have returned ₹900, including the stake. In other words, your potential profit would be ₹400.

    However, you would also have to pay a commission to the betting exchange.

    Stage 2: Calculating the payout with the commission.

    The calculation will be as follows: ((Odds -1) X Stake) * Rate of Commission.

    In the above example that would work out to: ((1.80 -1) X ₹500) * 2% = ₹8.00 commissionSo, in this case, you would have to pay a commission of ₹8.00. In other words, your pay out would be ₹892 – a potential profit of ₹392.

    If the match had ended in either an Iran victory or a draw, you would have lost the bet and therefore your ₹500 stake.

    How to Calculate Payout for a Lay Bet on 1×2 Market?

    Consider a 1×2 market – a test match between Pakistan vs India – in which a bettor has backed contestant Pakistan to win, with a stake of ₹500 on odds of 2.00.

    When you lay a bet, you aim to win the amount staked by the backer. In the given instance, the backer has staked ₹500. Therefore, if the backer’s selection loses, you win ₹500. In other words, your lay bet will be successful if the match ends in a draw, or if India wins.

    We can calculate the profit on the lay bet excluding commission by using the following formula: Profit = Lay Stake x odds.

    Therefore, the profit on your lay bet excluding commission could be ₹500 x 1 = ₹500.

    Next, we calculate the potential profit on the lay bet after commission, assuming that the betting exchange charges a commission of 2%. We use the following formula: Pay out = Profit x 0.98.

    Therefore, the potential profit on the lay bet after commission = ₹500 x 0.98 = ₹490.

    1xBet India FAQ

    We now turn our focus to answering a few frequently asked questions.

    Can you lose a 1×2 bet in 1xBet?

    In a 1×2 bet, a punter places a wager on one of three outcomes. The bet is considered lost if one of the other two outcomes happens.

    Is 1×2 same as money line?

    There is a difference between a 1×2 and a money line bet. In a 1×2 bet, there are three betting choices: player/team one wins, player/team two wins, and a no-result. By contrast, a money line bet allows only two choices: the win of one contestant or the other.

    How to read 1×2 odds in 1xBet?

    This is best explained using an example. For a match between Manchester United (home team) and Burnley (away team), 1×2 odds in 1xBet read as follows.
    W1 = 1.452; X = 4.94; W2 = 7.1. This means that 1xBet India quotes Manchester United at 1.452, Burnley at 7.1, and the draw at 4.94.