1xBet vs Parimatch: Which One Is Better?

The thought of putting the 1xBet vs Parimatch debate to rest arose because of the growing interest in both bookmakers, particularly by punters in India.

Indian sports bettors are often interested in the available Parimatch exclusive bonus offer or the 1xBet promo code, so let’s see how the operators fare in this regard.

Indeed, many punters have to choose between 1xBet India or Parimatch India without knowing why they should sign up with one bookmaker over the other in the first place. There have been many myths surrounding Parimatch 1xBet that it became clear that many Indian gamblers were deciding which of the two bookmakers to register with based on conjecture rather than fact.

Therefore, it was not a hard decision for me to carefully analyse and compare key parameters of both sportsbooks to arrive at an unbiased conclusion. The table in this review will highlight the different parameters used in comparing 1xBet to Parimatch.

1xBet vs Parimatch: Comparison

This Parimatch and 1xBet review is designed to give you an unfiltered assessment of these sportsbooks and help newbies make an informed decision on which bookmaker to sign up with. However, if you are an already registered customer of these sportsbooks, you are not left behind, as this review can help you to reevaluate your decision.

At the end of the review, you should be able to know if you should stay loyal to your chosen sportsbook, make a switch or even register with both bookmakers today.

Key Parameters1xBetParimatch
Deposit BonusDeposit match bonus of 130% up to 26,000 INRSports Welcome Bonus of 150% up to 30,000 INR(Code PARIBET)
Mobile AppAvailable on Play Store and App StoreParimatch sportsbook app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices
Betting ExperiencePleasant betting experience with different markets and decent odds on multiple sporting events, including football, cricket, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, etcParimatch offers punters a chance to place bets on various sports, including cricket, football, badminton, tennis, basketball, and other popular sports
Betting MarketsVariety of exciting betting markets for myriad sportsMany betting markets for Cricket, football, basketball and other popular sports with excellent odds
Live StreamingLive streaming is available, but not on every live eventNo option for live streaming is available
Deposit MethodsMultiple deposit options including 22 E-wallet options including Google Pay, PhonePay, JioUPI, Whatsapp Pay, Airtel money, EcoPayz, Entropay, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, MoneyGo Voucher, Mastercard, Visa, and moreA variety of deposit options in INR are available, including Jeton, MuchBetter, Net Banking (IMPS, Paytm and UPI), MasterCard, Neteller, Rupay Card deposits, Skrill, and Visa
Customer ServicePhone, EmailChat, Email, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber
Website ExperienceEasy to navigateSite navigation can be tricky.
OddsAttractive odds for various sportsGreat odds for cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and badminton

1xBet vs Parimatch: Comparative Analysis

Based on the key parameters highlighted in the table, I can compare 1xBet vs Parimatch in the following ways.

  • Deposit Bonus: Both offer the sports welcome bonus with reasonable wagering requirements. Parimatch offers a higher deposit match bonus of 150% up to INR 30,000. Parimatch also offers an INR 200 free bet on many sports with a minimum deposit of INR 1000.
  • Mobile App: When it comes to the mobile app, there is no comparing 1xBet vs Parimatch, as both sportsbooks offer free-to-download apps for Android or iOS mobile device users. You can download the 1xBet app through an SMS link sent by the operator.
  • Betting Experience: With both bookmakers, you have a range of sports to bet on. However, there are more sports betting opportunities available on 1xBet.
  • Betting Markets: In both sportsbooks, you get to place bets on various markets depending on the type of sport.
  • Live streaming: 1xBet offers limited live streaming on live events, but Parimatch has no live streaming option.
  • Deposit Methods: Between 1xBet vs Parimatch, 1x offers around 44 cryptocurrency payment options and 22 e-wallets, among the regular modes of payment. Parimatch offers fewer payment options but has a Paytm RuPay card and UPI, which are particularly popular among Indians. Both bookmakers accept deposits in INR.
  • Customer Service: You will get 24/7 customer support on both sportsbooks. While 1xBet support is available only in Hindi, Parimatch offers multiple Indian languages such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, and Telugu for accessing support services.
  • Website Experience: 1xBet offers an easier-to-navigate site. On the other hand, navigating on Parimatch takes some getting used to before being able to browse seamlessly.
  • Odds: You will get very attractive odds on Parimatch 1xBet. Both bookmakers offer six different odds formats: US, UK, Decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian. 1x bet offers Single, Accumulator, System and Chain bets, while Parimatch offers Single and Parlay bets.

Is 1xBet Better than Parimatch?

To find out if 1xBet is better than Parimatch, we can examine their pros and cons in the table below.

Pros👍Multiple sports markets.
👍Responsive 24/7 customer support in Hindi.
👍Extensive list of payment options
👍Easy account creation
👍Attractive bonuses and promos
👍Fantastic cricket odds.
👍Exclusive bonus to Indians.
👍Multiple deposit methods.
👍 Offers fantasy cricket.
👍Multiple Indian languages
👍Quick support through Whatsapp
Cons👎High wagering requirement.
👎Limited live streaming events.
👎Promos limited by location.
👎Restricted account outside India.
👎No live streaming available.
👎Limited sports offering.
👎Navigating the website is complex.
👎Short wagering requirement timeframe.

From the comparison of the Parimatch vs 1xBet pros and cons, 1xBet is better in terms of live streaming on live sporting events. Parimatch does not offer this option.

1xBet Live Streaming

Also, the web experience for 1xBet is better than that of Parimatch, as the former is more intuitive and user-friendly. Based on these two key parameters used in the 1xBet vs Parimatch comparison, 1xBet is a better sportsbook than Parimatch.

Is Parimatch App better than 1xBet App?

Another area of 1xBet vs Parimatch comparison that needs mentioning is their mobile app. After trying out the apps on an Android and iOS mobile device, here’s what you can expect.

  • Download: Parimatch and 1xBet mobile apps are easy and free to download. They both also offer similar download speeds.
  • Accessibility: You can download the Parimatch and 1xBet mobile app on Android and iOS mobile devices. Both apps are generally accessible on most iOS and Android OS smartphones or tablets.
  • Usability: You can quickly deposit funds, place bets, and receive instant notifications from both mobile apps. However, the Parimatch sportsbook app appeared to offer more user options and features than the 1xBet mobile app.
  • Interface: Parimatch sportsbook app has an excellent interface. The app maintains the brand colours of yellow and black. In addition, the app is less cumbersome to navigate compared to the Parimatch website. 1xBet mobile app offers a basic interface.
Parimatch Mobile App

In all, the Parimatch sportsbook app is slightly better than the 1xBet app in the following ways:

  • Parimatch sportsbook app has a more attractive user interface and a fantastic colour theme.
  • The features and functions of the Parimatch sportsbook app enhance your overall user experience.

The Parimatch sportsbook app is also a great Parimatch alternative user option to the difficult-to-navigate website. However, in comparing 1xBet vs Parimatch in general, including the key parameters mentioned earlier, 1xBet ranks higher than Parimatch.

1xBet Vs Parimatch FAQs

Here are the answers to several popular questions.

Is 1xBet a bigger site than Parimatch?

1xBet is a bigger site than Parimatch; they were launched in 2007 and had more registered customers.

What is the highest payout for 1xBet?

The highest payout for 1xBet is 47,700,660 INR.

How trusted is the 1xBet site?

1xBet is a highly trusted site, holding several operational licences, including the Curaçao Gaming Commission licence.

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